How to Make a Memphis Rub


Memphis barbecue is famous the world over, popularized by eateries like Cozy Corner, Paynes, and the Bar-b-Q Shop. Of all the dishes you’ll find from this neck of the woods, perhaps the best known and most loved are Memphis dry ribs. Where pitmasters from elsewhere in the United States often …

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How to Grill Beets


Beetroots, commonly abbreviated to beets, are typically roasted, boiled, or pickled. Learning how to grill beets will add a new dimension to grilling, though, and we’ll show you how to achieve that today. When you grill beets, you’ll develop a brand new way to enjoy the same old veggie. Grilling …

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Grilled Catfish for a Southern Favorite


Catfish is a southern classic, often served blackened or Cajun-style. This fish is quite dense and reasonably mild, qualities that respond well to charcoal grilling. The natural sweetness of catfish means you can get away with simple seasoning. Some cracked black pepper and Worcestershire sauce is all you need for …

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