The 16 Best BBQ Smokers for an Authentic Smoke-Out

If you’re looking to grill or smoke food delivering that unmistakable barbecue taste, there’s no substitute for a great BBQ smoker. Today, we’ll be reviewing a broad cross-section of these nifty appliances so you decide which of them, if any, makes the right fit for your yard, patio, or deck. Now, if you’ve never shopped for … Read more

How to Cook Filet Mignon on the Grill

Filet mignon is a prime and tender cut of beef. It’s also correspondingly expensive. Widely considered the king of steaks for its melt-in-the-mouth texture, you’ll be able to slice through a prime filet with nothing more than a fork. Now, you might think filet mignon is expensive if you associate it with being the costliest … Read more

The 15 Best Indoor Smokeless Grills

How many times when you’re grilling outside on the patio or deck do you imagine how nice it would be to cook like that indoors, but without all the smoke? Well, you can do if you invest in one of the best indoor smokeless grills. Now, not all grills in this class are created equal. While some … Read more